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Questions to Ask Home Health Care Agencies - contributed by our member LFL

Who do you send for the initial home care assessment?
Is it a skilled nurse?

Is the initial home care assessment free?

Do you provide a plan of care?

What type of services does the agency provide (i.e., companionship, assistance with ADLs, meal prep, transportation to doctor’s appts., grocery shopping, errands)

What hours can you provide a caregiver?  If I need someone during the night, can you provide a qualified caregiver?

Does the hourly/live-in rate include all costs I am required to pay?

Is the caregiver the agency employee?

Does the agency pay the caregiver?  Including overtime if scheduled?

How do you match a caregiver with a person needing assistance?

How do you ensure your caregivers are trustworthy and my family will be safe?

How do you screen your caregivers?

Are your home health care workers required to be certified?

Do you conduct state/national criminal background checks, driver license and credit checks?

Are your caregivers bonded, insured and covered by workers comp?

Does the agency carry automobile liability insurance if a caregiver is allowed to drive my car?

If a caregiver uses his/her own car how are they required to have automobile insurance and how are they reimbursed for costs? (i.e., gas mileage at $0.xx/mile)

Do you require your caregivers to undergo an annual physical?
What immunizations do you require your CHHA’s to have (i.e., influenza, hepatitis A&B)?

How long has your average caregiver worked for your company?

How much experience do your caregivers have?

How do you determine if a CHHA is trained, qualified and has experience caring for a person with dementia?

What type of training are your caregivers required to have?

Does the agency require continuous learning skills training?

Are your caregivers trained in emergency procedures such as CPR, Heimlich, first aid?

What happens if the caregiver doesn’t show up for their scheduled shift?

How/when am I notified if the caregiver can’t show up?

How quickly does your agency provide a QUALIFIED substitute caregiver if the regular aide doesn’t show up?

How are the caregivers supervised and how does the agency know they are doing their job and following the care plan?

How do you keep the family informed about what goes on during the day?

Am I able to request a change in caregivers if he/she is not compatible with the person requiring care?

What type of payment methods do you accept? (i.e., check, cash, credit card, assignment from LTC)? And when is payment due?

Am I required to put down a deposit?  If so, how much?

How frequently will I be billed for services? (weekly, every 2 weeks)

How does the caregiver report his/her time worked and services performed?

Will the agency send timesheets directly to the LTC for reimbursement? 

Is there a charge for providing documentation?

What is the agency’s policy regarding the caregiver’s personal telephone (cell phone) use?

What is the agency’s policy on the caregiver using the client’s home telephone?

What is the agency’s policy on caregiver visitors to the client’s home?

What is the agency’s policy if the client gets injured while under the care of the agency caregiver?

What is the agency’s policy if a caregiver gets seriously injured while caring for a client?

What is the agency policy/procedure if a client is being abused by a caregiver?

What is the agency policy if a client observes/catches a caregiver stealing?

What is the policy/procedure if a caregiver is observed leaving the client premises during working hours? (Meaning leaving the client unattended and alone if the client requires ft supervision during the caregivers shift).

What is the agency’s liability if the caregiver causes significant damage to costly items (such as appliances, garage doors, home interiors, etc)?

What is the agency policy regarding pets in the home?

What is the agency’s policy on medication management and dispensing medications?



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