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There is much to tell about what was, by most accounts, an extremely successful Alzheimer's Public Policy Forum this year. The clearest, most organized way for me to present all of the information is to first list the events, and then give you commentary. Today's blog will simply list highlights of some of the events and a few comments and pictures. Tomorrow, I will go into depth about the information gleaned from each event.

Early Stage Summit - There were approximately 60 attendees living with Early Stage Alzheimer's Disease - this summit was their chance to present and discuss their own stories, as well as their perspective on treatment . Our member, Trish Balfour, and her husband Bob, were panelists. The keynote speaker was Lisa Geneva, author of Still Alice.

Candlelight Vigil at the Lincoln Memorial - This vigil was held in honor or all those living with, and having died from, Alzheimer's Disease. There were two speakers chosen from the entire country to tell their stories, and our own member, Tony Pesare, was one of them. Look for the full text of his speech in an upcoming blog.This is Tony giving his speech.

Introduction of Upcoming HBO Special on Alzheimer's Disease -Discussed and introduced by Maria Shriver, whose father has Alzheimer's Disease - I will have a LOT to say about her warmth, intelligence, and graciousness. Tony with Maria.

Senate Hearing on the Alzheimer Study Group Report- panelists were Justice Sandra Day O'Connor, Former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich, Former Senator Bob Kerrey, California First Lady Maria Shriver, and Larry Butcher, Chair, Board of Directors, Alzheimer's Community Care, West Palm Beach Florida, and caregiver to his AD wife. Many of the delegates, including my Florida delegation, (This is the Florida delegation) were able to attend this hearing. It was an incredible experience, and I will have much to say about it. For the full ASG report, CLICK HERE.

Our trip to Capitol Hill to bring the Alzheimer's Agenda directly to our legislators - The bonanza of this year was that our visit coincided with the release of the Alzheimer Study Group report, which supported the Alzheimer cause above and beyond our wildest dreams, and called for bold, decisive action on care delivery, payments, and research. And YES, our stories were IMPORTANT. I will have details on that also.

On a lighter note - just to PROVE that I DID walk up those hundreds of steps to the Lincoln Memorial, I asked a kind tourist to take my picture with President Abe, so here we are:

Tune in tomorrow for much more detailed information.

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