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While things are quiet and peaceful in my house (see blog below), I thought I would take this opportunity to inform everyone of an intriguing looking educational series. I liked the idea of this one because no computer is needed. The series is via telephone, so please spread the word to those who are not computer savvy.

From the :

"Connected Conversations: A Telephone Education Program

What is the Connected
Conversations Program?

Connected Conversations is a telephone
education program. This program has
been established as a means to provide
effective and efficient education and
information to caregivers and those
affected by Alzheimer’s disease with the
convenience and comfort of using a

Who is

Anyone who may be interested in
learning about Alzheimer’s disease, the
services and supports available through the
Alzheimer’s Association is invited and
encouraged to be a part of the Connected
Conversations Program.

What can I expect?

The Connected Conversations Program will cover a variety of topics weekly. Every Thursday, during the hours of 1-2 PM, a different topic will be discussed.

Each topic discussion will last approximately one hour with an expert discussing the specific topic. The discussion will be interactive, allowing for each participant to ask questions, provide comments, and/or relay concerns during the call.

What should I do first?

Join us on
Thursday, Feb 5, 2009 at 1pm

from your home, office
telephone or mobile phone

Enter the access code number:
And you become an active participant on the


Upcoming Topics to start out 2009

Alzheimer’s disease:
The Who, What, When,
Where & Why
February 5, 2009

Life after Diagnosis:
Strategies for coping
February 12, 2009

Understanding Communications &
February 19, 2009
Caregiver Burnout:
Resources that can help
February 26, 2009

Finding Appropriate Residential Care:
What You Need to Know
March 5, 2009

Healthy Brain Aging:
Bright Ideas For A
Healthy Mind
March 12, 2009

Brain Aerobics:
Strategies You Can Use
March 19. 2009
Research Update 101
March 26, 2009"

Sounds interesting. I am going to put them on my calendar and listen to the ones that do not conflict with other activities on my schedule. I hope you will too.

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