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Sunday night, I had a phone conversation with an old friend, who had not logged onto my website in a year. She said she was astounded at how it has changed; how much more information and resources are on it, and how the message boards have grown.

Looking back, I realized that this site has grown in response to our needs. We crave information, knowledge, and support for dealing with the disease that is dismantling our lives, destroying our spouses, and wreaking havoc with our emotions. During this year, I have added a dozen new sections, 2 new radio interviews, and expanded the financial section. New section topics include - the “Newly Diagnosed”; Early Onset Alzheimer’s Disease; Project Lifesaver; Elder Care Locator; Medicare; Finding a memory disorder clinic in your area; Finding drug trials in your area; Understanding the Dementia Experience; my Washington DC advocacy efforts; Web Abbreviations; Caregiver Tips; and Hurricane/Disaster Tips for the summer season.

Keeping in mind the theme of “responding to needs”, I am planning on adding even more resources this year. There seems to be an explosion of Early Onset cases – Baby Boomers and younger populations are being affected by AD at alarming rates. I will be expanding my resources on Early Onset, and will continue to search for resources for the children of these young Alzheimer patients. Alzheimer’s Disease causes enough strife in a marriage, but when the “well” spouse has to deal with the children’s negative reactions and confusion related to the disease, the stress is unbearable.

I will continue to bring you updated information on how you can advocate for the needs of your spouse. Not just for increased funding for research, but for better understanding, caregiver assistance, and patient programs.

Men, Men, Men – we have men caregivers who need more attention. I wrote one blog about the men last year, and many have joined our ranks since then. In the coming months, look for a new section for the MEN who are lovingly caring for their spouses.

Let’s not forget the Caregiver Stress Management Cruises – We’re going to Alaska in Sept 09, and would love to have you join us. Look for more information in the coming months.

My son will be here in just FOUR days! I am so excited. While he is here, I will be putting him to work teaching me more technology, so I can make the website better organized.

In order for me to continue this work, I will need your support. You can help by purchasing products from Amazon and Joan’s Zazzle Marketplace through my website.

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