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A few days ago, I mentioned that I was going to write a blog about death and Alzheimer’s Disease, which had taken over my thoughts since the passing of a dear friend two days before the New Year. Maybe at a later time, I will be emotionally ready to write it, but that time is not now.

Instead, I have chosen to write about celebrating life . Our member, Bill Eldridge, has generously permitted me to write about and feature his and his dear Carol’s 50th Anniversary video. On the surface, it is a well prepared video that could be made by anyone in celebration of an anniversary – a musical slide show of each of them as children; their wedding day; as young newlyweds; their growing family; their trips; their family gatherings; grandchildren. On the surface it is a lovely tribute to 50 years of a devoted, loving couple.

I have gleaned deeper meaning under the surface from the video as it relates to Alzheimer’s Disease, which most of you know has afflicted Carol. When casual acquaintances, old friends, distant family members, and of course, strangers, see someone with Alzheimer’s Disease, they see a variety of inappropriate behaviors, (touching of strangers, verbal outbursts, uncensored remarks), as well as confusion, inabilities, and blankness. They do not recognize the person that was, the person who still resides deep inside the outer shell of the Alzheimer countenance - A person who delighted in riding a bike as a child, possessed the cognitive skills to attend school and learn, held a job, loved, raised a family, enjoyed life.

Bill and Carol’s Anniversary Video reminds friends and families who Carol was, and still is inside. It is that reminder of the human being behind the blank face of Alzheimer’s Disease that I feel EVERYONE should see, not just friends and family. To recognize and celebrate a life well lived. No matter how much of one’s abilities Alzheimer’s Disease takes, it cannot steal those memories from those who loved him/her.

Please view and share Bill and Carol’s 50th anniversary video to help celebrate, not only their life together, but Carol’s life as a vibrant, loving woman. CLICK HERE for video. (You will need to scroll down after the wedding picture.)

I hope each of us will find a way to celebrate the life of our Alzheimer Diseased spouse and their lives with us, as Bill’s family has done for him and Carol.

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