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As I am making my final plans for my trip to the Alzheimer’s Public Policy Forum in Washington, DC, my husband will be kept so busy while I am away that he will probably wish I would leave more often.

First, you must know that I would never leave if I thought he could not stay at home by himself. He faithfully takes all of his medications himself, and has lost no ADL skills. He makes his own breakfast every morning – a container of yogurt with fresh blueberries, and all natural peanut butter on wheat toast with sugar free jelly. Since we are both trying to lose weight, we have been eating large salads (which he makes) with a healthy dose of protein thrown in for both lunch and supper. Fruit for snacks. I am preparing all the protein – chicken, fish, deli meats ahead of time, so he will be fully stocked.

The main problem we were facing was isolation. I could not and would not have planned the trip if he was going to be stranded in the house alone for the 4 days I am going to be away. Support group friends to the rescue. Between the movies, dinners out, visits, and outings they are planning for him, he will be too busy to miss me.  Our social worker and a nurse will check in on him every day, and a country sheriff lives next door.

For the “pièce de résistance”, I rented a little golf cart for him so he can get to the pool, clubhouse, and gym in our development – it is about ¼ mile from our house.  If he needs to, he can take the golf cart a little farther to our town squareTradition Square is home to a wide range of retail tenants. (actual picture of our town square), where there is a grocery store, our pharmacy, restaurants, his barber, a bagel store, and anything else he could possibly want.

We have the most unique, special group of friends from our support group. We look out for one another, and help each other whenever it is needed. They are making it possible for me to take this trip. I am grateful to have them in my life, and will be there for them when they need me.

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