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I am, of course, too young to have been around when the original “Who’s on First?” routine was first performed in vaudeville in the 1930’s. But it became such a classic that it has been replayed hundreds of thousands of times on radio, television, and now, You Tube, for succeeding generations to enjoy. You can click this link to see it.

Somewhere in the blog archives, I mentioned a conversation between my husband and me that reminded me of that famous “Who’s on First” sketch. However, last week, we had an ongoing conversation that once again, reminded me of that sketch. I have been stressed and depressed lately, but I just had to laugh over this.

(Alice and John are married – second marriage. Each have children from first marriage.)

Joan:  Alice’s daughter is coming to visit her this week.

Sid: Oh, wow. That’s great. She will be so happy to see her.

Joan to a friend: Alice’s daughter is coming to visit her this week.

Sid : Alice’s daughter? I thought it was John’s daughter who was coming to visit.

Joan: No, I told you – Alice’s daughter.

Sid: Oh, wow. That’s great. She will be so happy to see her.

 Sid: Is John’s daughter here yet?

Joan: No, it’s Alice’s daughter who is coming to visit.

Sid: Alice’s daughter? I thought you said John’s daughter.

Joan: No, Alice’s daughter.

Sid: Oh, that’s great.

Sid: When is Alice’s sister coming?

Joan: No, it’s Alice’s daughter who’s coming.

Sid: Her daughter? I thought it was her sister.

And so it goes here in the land of Alzheimer’s Disease. Sometimes you just gotta laugh.

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