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You have come to a place of truth, support, and solutions to the distinctive issues and challenges faced by the spouses of Alzheimer patients. This is a place of comfort for spouses who are trying to cope with the Alzheimer's/dementia of their husband/wife. I started this website in July 07, when the shock of what Alzheimer's Disease was doing to a decades long loving marriage had me in emotional turmoil.

The issues we face in dealing with a spouse with this disease are so different from the issues faced by children and grandchildren caregivers. We discuss all of those issues here - loss of intimacy; social contact; conversation; anger; resentment; stress; and pain of living with the stranger that Alzheimer's Disease has put in place of our beloved spouse. Please look on the left side of this page for all of the resources offered by this website.

Weekly Theme for Spousal Caregivers

June 15, 2016
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A Change for The Alzheimer Spouse

Welcome to the new, updated version of the Alzheimer Spouse. It has been a long time coming, and I appreciate your patience during this last most difficult year. When my husband’s physical health started to decline, and my own depression worsened, I was unable to motivate myself to get out […]

Newly diagnosed?

Newly diagnosed?
We'll show you what Alzheimer's disease is and where to begin. We have information on what you need to do, what kind of books that can help you and much more.

Financial Information

Financial Information
Finance is a complex subject on its own, but add in a debilitating disease such as Alzheimer’s, and you have a confusing maze through which it is impossible to navigate without professional help.

Video Introduction to Alzheimer's Disease


A Widow's Journey Blog

September 12, 2016

Joan’s Widow’s Blog #2 – The Fog

Writing had always been an outlet for me, a way to explore and make sense of my experiences and emotions. Yet, I did not keep a journal during my first year as a widow. For the only time in my life, I was so emotionally unbalanced,   ( Yes, I […]
June 15, 2016
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It Begins

June 21, 1970- I was 21 years old. I looked up lovingly at the face of  my 27 year old bridegroom, and heard the Rabbi say something about “till death do you part”. Death? I was not thinking about death on the happiest day of my life – my wedding […]